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Pushing Beyond All Hope

So what happens when things are bleak? I mean really bleak. A vast, mind-boggingly immensity of bleak. Is there a point where the reader can become so distressed that they remember it’s only a story and they can put it down? I almost–almost–got that way reading The Veilonaut’s Dream. This story hit so hard that even though it is a first-person narration I had the thought that it was somehow snuff story. 

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Stepping through the Fun House Mirror

Most genre fiction exists in an alternate world. Genre world-building can be largely metaphorical and extrapolative, or simply fanciful. Alternate reality is a tricky genre that borrows from our history just enough to establish the world, and then tweaks it.

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Hiding information in narrative

Standard disclaimer: This post looks at the text of a short story for educational purposes, and does not shy away from spoilers. If you don’t want the story spoiled. read the original story first. The Adjuct Professor’s Guide to Life

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